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"Great Company! I am a saturated dog walker in the area and always recommend the Therabis hemp supplements from Hemp Life Florida to my clients who have to take medication for anxiety and itching. It’s so nice to know about alternative options for our fur babies!"   - Jaime


 "I had previously been giving my dog vet prescribed "prozac" and it wasn't working very well - just made her sleep more than she already was.  I gave her the Calm and Quite Treat Supplements and it has helped tremendously!"  - Jeanne

 "I watched my moms dog for 4 days last week. He is prescribed "doggy xanax" and I could tell the first night away from my mom he was anxious. So she advised me to give him a pill, so I did. He still continued to act strange, he had 2 accidents inside and was very clingy/needy. The next day I picked up her order of Therabis Calm & Quiet treats and I wanted to give him that instead to see if I see a difference. He was a brand new dog from the night before. He was calm, no accidents, of course still loving on me but not as needy and worried as before. No anxious panting or anything. Playful demeanor. He slept straight through the night!  It was so nice to see him acting like a NORMAL happy dog! All thanks to Hemp Life Florida & Therabis - Calm & Quiet treats!"   - Jaime Lynne

"Hello!! My name is Gracie Lou and I’m an active 13 year old Border Collie mix. My mom noticed that I was having trouble keeping up to her on runs and walks and was seeking some natural remedies to help put the pep back in my step. We tried all sorts of things but it wasn’t until we found “up and moving” that mom’s friends even started commenting about how I had an extra spring back in my step! I love the treats too...but who doesn’t like treats??     - Sarah & Gracie Lou

"Amazing product! My dog Rocco has anxiety and this product has been a miracle for him. It calms his nerves and helps him relax to enjoy life. The treats are his favorite!"    - Laura 

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